[HttpComponents] JAVA 응용프로그램에서 쿠키로 인증된 세션을 사용 본문


[HttpComponents] JAVA 응용프로그램에서 쿠키로 인증된 세션을 사용

>동네청년< 2009. 4. 11. 12:30


The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is perhaps the most significant protocol used on the Internet today. Web services, network-enabled appliances and the growth of network computing continue to expand the role of the HTTP protocol beyond user-driven web browsers, while increasing the number of applications that require HTTP support.

Designed for extension while providing robust support for the base HTTP protocol, the HttpComponents may be of interest to anyone building HTTP-aware client and server applications such as web browsers, web spiders, HTTP proxies, web service transport libraries, or systems that leverage or extend the HTTP protocol for distributed communication.

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